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Female Flashlight: Amy Rutland

Amy Rutland works at Kent FA as the Marketing and Communications Officer. Amy writes about how adapting the skills she gained through volunteering in different industries, gave her the platform she needed to step into a career in football.

“Before I worked in football, I worked in quite a different industry but regularly attended grassroots football matches in Kent. Then as my contract was coming to an end, I saw the vacancy come up at Kent FA for a Marketing & Communications Officer.”

“I thought about it, and realised despite working in politics for three years previously, I had a lot of transferable skills and experience that could be applied to football and the role at Kent FA. The perfect timing of the vacancy coming up, to my pending unemployment made me think ‘I can do this!’ So I applied, and following a very nerve-wracking interview; I got the job!”

Whilst Amy’s volunteering experience was previously not linked to the game, she is a full advocate for the benefits it can have when looking to progress in your career.

“The volunteering I did before getting this role wasn’t actually in sport or football, which just proves that any form of volunteering can be a stepping stone to a career in sport. I was always very active in my Students’ Union at University, I wrote for the SU newspaper, eventually becoming Editor in Chief.”

“A lot of the experience I gained at University helped prepare me to join Kent FA in the sense of being involved in a membership-led organisation that represents and works with thousands of people. Then my previous experience at former jobs all helped me on my way as well.”

With the Eighth Wonder programme focused on cultivating volunteering opportunities for more young women, Amy believes it could have several positive effects for participants signing up to be part of the inaugural group.

“Volunteering taught me so many things, such as practical skills for my current job like formatting, graphic design, writing news stories and general administrative skills. It also taught me inter-personal skills such as how to effectively work in a team, how to prioritise my workload, and being self-motivated.”

“The Eighth Wonder programme provides such a great chance to meet other girls and women in the same boat as you to help build a network, along with opportunities for work experience, which is invaluable in helping you establish yourself in this industry. Also, getting to meet women who are already working in football and talk to them about their experiences of how they reached where they are now is so helpful.”

With places going fast for the Eighth Wonder programme’s inaugural event on Friday 28th October at the Kent FA, Amy encouraged young women across the county to get involved.

“I would say sign up! Being a woman in football is a challenge enough as it is, the Eighth Wonder helps provide more support and encouragement for any girl or woman trying to establish themselves in the industry, which in my opinion is invaluable!”

“I think the Eighth Wonder will be able to help lots of ambitious young women who want to work in football get experience in what they want to do, and build a network of similar, like-minded people to help support each other to reach their goals (pardon the pun!).”

To sign up for the Eighth Wonder programme please click here.


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